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Edward Renner at ceremony in Bo -Southern Sierra Leone.

A 3:30 audio on the Dauber of Chiefs and change of symbol of authority; from colonial staffs bearing the signet of Queen Victoria of England, to a new staff signifying independence with the Sierra Leone coat of arms. The ceremony is part of the country 50 year’s jubilee celebrations. It involves all 149 Paramount Chiefs; this is the first Dauber ever to be held in the country since it was organized by Queen Victoria of England in 1961.

Intro to accompany Clip

As Sierra Leone Marks 50 years of independence, over one hundred and fourth paramount chiefs have received new emblems of authority, bestowed on them on Tuesday 20 April 2011, at the opening session of the Conference of paramount chiefs and Dauber ceremony in Bo city.

The new staffs of authority bearing the Sierra Leone quote of arms was given to the chiefs in exchange for the 1961 staffs issued to them with the signet of Queen Victoria of England.

Cue in: I now declare this (HE speaks)

Cue out: Edward Renner reporting in Bo.

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Posted By: Edward Aloushious Renner(9)
Country:Sierra Leone
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Edward Renner at ceremony in Bo -Southern Sierra Leone.

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