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Air Zimbabwe Pilots Set To Resume Work

Air Zimbabwe pilots who went on strike two weeks ago are expected to resume work today, it emerged yesterday.

According to sources who attended meetings to resolve the two-week
industrial action which has seen Air Zimbabwe losing about US$8,5
million in potential revenue due to flight cancellations, it was agreed
that pilots would resume work today.

A total of 42 pilots downed tools demanding outstanding allowances backdated to February last year.

"After a number of meetings we managed to find a reasonable solution.
We are looking forward to seeing them (pilots) back at work on Friday
(today)," Chikumba said.

"We will resume normal flights with our own pilots. We really apologise to all passengers who were inconvenienced," he said.

Asked if the national airline had agreed to pay the pilots their
outstanding salaries, Chikumba said he "does not talk about Air Zimbabwe
employees salaries to the media".

Air Zimbabwe had to lease a Boeing 737 from Air Aquaria to fly
passengers. Two months ago, Air Zimbabwe leased a Fokker 28 from the
same company after the Modern Ark 60 went for maintenance.

The figure does not include meals that Air Zimbabwe paid for stranded
passengers and hotel bills for travellers who had to be booked at
different hotels.

On September 8 striking pilots were told that they could lose their jobs if they did not return to work.

In a statement, Kadzura said: "The board and management have resolved
to give them a 24-hour notice to go back to work. It must be understood
clearly that the industrial action is illegal and if they do not go
back to work inside the 24 hours, legal and disciplinary action will be

He added that "Government does not have any money".

Air Zimbabwe flies two 767s between Harare-China and Harare-London.
The airline also has two 737s which service regional routes, including
flights to South Africa, Lusaka and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Domestic routes are mainly plied by the Modern Ark 60 plane.

According to information from the national airline yesterday, a
return ticket to London excluding tax which is paid to the Civil
Aviation Authority Zimbabwe (CAAZ) cost US$3 958. The Boeing-767 which
carries 197 passengers services the route.

A return ticket to Bulawayo, excluding tax, costs US$202 and Victoria Falls US$270.

A return Lubumbashi ticket, excluding tax, costs US$525 while the
Lusaka route is US$368. The Boeing 737 plane with a capacity of 105
passengers services the two routes. A return ticket to South Africa
including tax costs US$405.

Credits: All Africa.com

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Posted By: Viewpointafrica Monitoring Team
Country: Zimbabwe
Category: Business
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