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Scientists Develop Vitamin-A Fortified Sweet Potatoes

A seven-year sweet potato fortification project has successfully been concluded in Zambia’s northern region of Luapula.
The research supported by U.S based Rockefeller Foundation at the tune of US$ 30,000 involved the development of 15 new varieties of vitamin-A fortified sweet potatoes.
The development and fortification of the 15 new varieties of sweet potatoes was done as part of an initiative to enhance vitamin-A availability in Zambia’s Luapula region.
The new sweet potatoes have vitamin-A content of up to 13% higher than that of carrot which only has maximum of seven percent, according to the Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI).
Lead researcher, Martin Chiona said, “The fortifying of sweet potatoes is a unique option that will provide cheaper and accessible source of vitamin-A supplement to many low income households where high deficiency of vitamin-A has been identified as the main cause of blindness.”
The new fortified sweet potato varieties have an orange colour inside but retain the high dry matter which is a preferred taste for most Zambians.
Luapula Province has the highest number of blind people in Zambia and the Lusaka Government has been encouraging scientists, agriculturists and researcher to come up with cheaper methods of improving food supplements among citizens.
Efforts are currently underway by the Millers Association of Zambia to start fortifying corn meal, Zambia’s staple food, while the largest sugar company, Illovo Sugar, is already fortifying its produce....
Product Id: 100017
Posted By: Sanday Chongo Kabange
Country: Zambia
Category: Business
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