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Zambia's Inflation Drops By 0.5%

By Sanday Chongo Kabange

Zambia’s annual inflation rate has struck a marginal reduction from 8.2% in August to 7.7% in September, 2010.

Central Statistical Office (CSO) has attributed the slight fall in Zambia’s annual inflation to reductions in food and non-food stuffs.

CSO acting chief executive, John Kalumbi, said in Lusaka Thursday, the reduction is annual inflation by 0.5% “is as results of reductions in food and non food commodities.”

Market analysts say the reduction in annual inflation is “insignificant” as it has no direct impact on Zambians suffering from hunger....
Product Id: 100021
Posted By: Sanday Chongo Kabange
Country: Zambia
Category: Business
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