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Tanzanias Most Unexploited Resource.

Large scale fishing is one of the leading contributors to the GDP in most of the countries that are sorrounded by water bodies,an ocean to be specific.In contrary despite the fact that Tanzania is bordered by the Indian ocean and has a deep fishing zone that covers hundreds of kilometer scquares nothing has been done to improve large scale fishing.Less that five years ago,a huge ship from Asia was captured while fishing in Tanzanias water territory.The ship contained thousands of tons of Tuna fish ready to be taken to Asian markets free of charge,an act that resulted into a court action against a dozen of accused persons and hence a land mark case in Tanzanian history.Yesterday 124 tons of fish alledged to have been imported from Fukushima,Japan and affected by nuclear emmissions was apprehended at Dar es salaam International Fish Market ready to be supplied for consumption.The blame was on the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority(TFDA) for acting irresponsibly by allowing  such kind of dangerous product to be imported for domestic use.The question now is why should someone import a hundred of tons of fish from Japan while we also have the same fish in our deep sea fishing zone?The government is still silent about this but as far as i am concerned it is the shame to import something that you carry in your own pocket. ...
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Country: Tanzania
Category: Business
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