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Memorandum / Agreement

This Viewpoint Africa website is operated by ViewPoint Africa LTD.

This Memorandum of Agreement is between ViewpointAfrica.com and. (The Contributor / Media Seller)
This Agreement covers the items below:

1. The Contributor agrees to provide footage to Viewpoint Africa.com and acknowledges that all footage provided is the copyright of the Contributor and the Contributor has the right to enter into this agreement

2. Viewpoint Africa.com agrees to view and assess the Footage. This version of the Footage can only be distributed on the Viewpoint Africa.com and within the ViewPoint Africa LTD group. No editing should take place of contributors Footage

3. Viewpoint Africa.com acknowledges that the original copyright is always maintained and owned by the Contributor

4. Viewpoint Africa.com confirms it will split any revenue earned from the sale of the Footage on a 55:45 basis with the Contributor (Viewpoint Africa gets 55% and Seller gets 45%)

5. Viewpoint Africa.com will provide the Contributor a unique Username and Password so as to ensure the Contributor can, at all times, track the status of the sales of their media

6. Viewpoint Africa.com will pay the media contributor via PayPal within 28 days following the sale of media.

7. When payment is due, Viewpoint Africa will request an invoice from the seller for the sum of 45% of the cost of media sold

8. What ever media contributor/ seller submit media to Viewpoint Africa.com it
*. Must be your own work –
*. You must be the owner of all documents –
*. You must have created it yourself

9. If your answer is NO to (point 8 ) then you should NOT submit any application to Partner and upload material on the Viewpoint Africa website

10. To become a contributor on Viewpoint Africa website you MUST and SHOULD only submit 100% of your work. It should be accurate (No speculation and No assumptions).