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Uhuru Kenyatta Wins Kenya Elections

Kenyans vote on ethnic and tribal line. Kenyatta win is because he command popular vote amongst his tribe.

Many African have lost faith in ICC claiming it targets African leaders and fails to discharge its justice amongst other none African leaders in the world with the same determination.

ICC needs a consistent message and approach when charging African leaders. Kenya is sending a laud message to the ICC that don’t interfere and it does not matter if you brand our leaders as criminal.

Johnnie Carsons threat that US will not work with Kenya-- this will be a loss for USA and a win for China, Russia and the east. They will benefit from contracts and investment opportunities within Kenya. Kenya like so many other liberated African countries will vote with their feet and change suppliers and contracts alike.

USA and other Westerns Nations are powerless in this matter, they can huff and puff but it is Kenyans that have spoken rejecting the ICC any country that dare to stand against this sovereign country...
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Posted By: Viewpointafrica Monitoring Team
Country: Kenya
Category: Politics
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