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Rwanda And Tanzania Relationship Continues To Deteriorate Over Expelled Rwanda Immigrants.

About 20000
Rwandans who had lived in Tanzania for decades were last month  described by
Tanzanian authorities
as ‘illegal immigrants’ and given two weeks (14 days ) to leave the country
causing the
relationship between the two countries to deteriorate

Among the expelled Rwandans, 7,035 out of 20, 000 immigrants
have so far left Tanzania, more than 2000 people have been registered in
while more than 3,000 have also settled at Kiyanzi camp in
eastern Rwanda.

The main reason why Tanzania expelled Rwandans who had stayed in Country for decades and had no hope of
returning to Rwanda after most of them fled during 1994 genocide, is not yet
clearly known but political analysts say Tanzania is worried
that Rwanda
might try to destabilize Credit peaceful country after it made decision to send
troops to DR Congo as part of a new UN force seeking to disarm and neutralize
the M23 rebel group.

Though Rwanda have continued to deny its support for the M23
rebels in Congo, Tanzania believes Rwanda backs M23 rebels and fear that
Kagame’s government may find ways to disrupt peace in their Country and the
only way to stop this is to send out Rwandan suspected criminals and to stop
more who may plan to come in.

The Tanzania‘s president Kikwete
accused the Rwandans of illegal entry and settlement into the country with
their animals which caused land wrangles and other armed criminals who were
terrorizing the local population. 

Early this month, Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete and his
Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame had a separate one-on-one an hour meeting
mediated by Ugandan president Museveni while attending the International
Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) where they agreed to work together
to  defuse growing tensions between the
two countries.

 According to a Source in
the Uganda ‘s state house and Tanzanian State House press statement, the talks
were "fruitful" and the two leaders agreed to continue working
together to strengthen the "good historical" relationship between the

But early this month, Rwanda
increased road toll for Tanzanian trucks from USD 152 to USD 500 which it later
suspended pending negotiations.

Last weekend, Rwandans expelled from
Tanzania continued to pour into Uganda via Rusumo border post. Director of Operations Uganda Police Force,
Grace Turyagumanaawe, said that at least 1200 Rwandan immigrants have registered
with authorities after crossing into Uganda following their expulsion from
Tanzania and about 800 immigrants have been relocated from to Lukoma village on
the old Sango Bay Air Strip Land located in Kakuuto Sub County for temporally

According to reports from these countries,
officials from Tanzania and Rwanda will this week meet to settle the ongoing
differences between the two countries caused by the recent expulsion of
Rwandans from Tanzania.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, the Minister of State for East
African Affairs, Hon Shem Bageine revealed that leaders from Tanzania and
Rwanda will meet at the border of the two countries and settle their
differences amicably.


"Tanzania and Rwanda will meet within this week at the border around River
Kagera area and conduct the screening of people that have been affected to know
those who have been living in Tanzania legally to be resettled back and those
who intruded remain in their respective partner states," said Bageine.

It is reported that mainly women, children and elderly people who were deported
from Tanzania are currently staying with their relatives in Rwanda and about
3,000 have settled at Kiyanzi camp in eastern Rwanda.


The tension between the two countries started when Tanzania decided to send
troops to Democratic Republic of Congo as part of the UN force seeking to defuse
the M23 rebels which Rwanda is accused of supporting although the Rwandan
government has repeatedly denied it.

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