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Rwanda And Tanzania Relationship Continues To Deteriorate Over Expelled Rwanda Immigrants.
Product ID: 100141
Country: Rwanda
Category: Politics
Egypt In Dept
Egypts debt in 2013 is  made up 79.8 per cent of its
gross domestic product. Egypts debts totaled
$234.4billion, putting the debt of
Product ID: 100140
Posted By: Cszyund36e Xpojxuo40wQT
Country: Egypt
Category: Business
Uhuru Kenyatta Wins Kenya Elections
Kenyans vote on ethnic and tribal line. Kenyatta win is because he command popular vote amongst his tribe.

Many African have lost faith
Product ID: 100139
Posted By: Viewpointafrica Monitoring Team
Country: Kenya
Category: Politics
International Women S Day
International women’s day in Africa is a serious affair. Women’s lives are burdened excessively. In both urban and rural Africa women work from 7am
Product ID: 100138
Posted By: Viewpointafrica Monitoring Team
Country: Gabon
Category: Politics
Rough Justice In Somlia
A court in Somalia has reached a verdict that the woman had lied about being raped.

Both raped victim and a local journalist were
Product ID: 100137
Posted By: Viewpointafrica Monitoring Team
Country: Somalia
Category: Politics
Egypt Court Suspends Youtube
A Cairo court n Saturday ordered the Egyptian government to block access to YouTube for 1 month; for carrying an anti-Islam film that set off deadly riots
Product ID: 100136
Posted By: Viewpointafrica Monitoring Team
Country: Egypt
Category: Politics
Pastor Accused Of Raping 12years Old Girl
A pastor, Alasco Sobowale, has been accused of raping a 12-year-old
Product ID: 100135
Posted By: Jamiu Eniola
Country: Nigeria
Category: Politics
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