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Who we are:

The Founder

Ayo Johnson is the founder and Director of Viewpoint Africa that deals with news from the continent. He is also one of the worlds leading speakers on Africa Affairs. He has spoken to audiences all over the world and features regularly as an expert on the BBC, Aljazeera, France 24 and so many more

He is also an active and dedicated campaigner for justice and human rights and regularly speaks at seminars and conferences around the world. He has also talked to several educational institutions including Oxford University.

Viewpoint Africa
Viewpoint Africa is a media entity that uses cutting edge technological to focus and portraying a better, brighter and benign Africa.

Viewpoint Africa is owned and managed by Viewpoint MEDIA Ltd. A private limited company registered in the UK.

Through partnerships and affiliates Viewpoint Africa promotes, endorses and insinuates Breaking news content, Big or Small out of the continent of Africa.

Viewpoint Africa sells Breaking news content from Africa to media outlets all around the world.

The Team

Viewpoint Africa has a dedicated Team that is both creative and innovative. The Team’s focus, drive and passion are a testimony to the deliver and vision of this website. We are delighted that website speaks volumes and lay’s true to the Founder’s original goals and objectives.

Mission statement

Viewpoint Africa seeks to inform about a progressive and developing continent. Through factual literature, clear pictures, packaged video, audio interviews, balanced debates and expert analysis this apparition can become a reality.

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Viewpoint Africa is pleased to be working in partnership with key media outlets all over the world. Viewpoint Africa output will be Responsible, Professional and Consistent. Viewpoint Africa is Fast, Reliable and Direct

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